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Zen in Augsburg


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A group for Zen-Practice

We meet in the Zendo:
Ortlerstreet 71 * Hochzoll

Each Sunday of 19:00 - 20:30

Each Wendsday of 19:30 - 20:30

With Kinhin - walking meditation

Sharing of costs: So. 4,- / We. 3,- Euro

Further dates
four times in the year: Saturday of 18:00 - 22:00
four times in the year : Introdaction day of 9:00 - 20:00

Here you get the information about the exact days

Here we present the group

Here the way to the Zendo

You are interested on meditation ?
Also without previous knowledge you are cordially loaded.
We look forword to your coming.


Rinzai-Zenmonk * practices since 1987

Further Information
Hogen H. Harter
Neidhartstraße 13, 86159 Augsburg
Tel. & Fax.: 08 21 - 55 06 96

about your responds we are plesend

Joshu Sasaki Roshi & Genro Seiun Osho

Zenmaster : Joshu Sasaki, Roshi
Zentheacher : Genro Seiun, Osho

Information about
Zenmaster Joshu Sasaki, Roshi
Mount Baldy Zen Center, Los Angeles

Information about
Zentheacher Genro Seiun, Osho
Austrian Buddhist Religious Association (ÖBR)
Bodhidarma Zendo Vienna
(intensive Meditationsweek)
with Genro Seiun, Osho

Information about Buddhism
Engaged Buddhism
German Buddhist Union DBU

Information about Zen

Buddhism in Augsburg
Tibetan Buddhism in Augsburg
Tibetan Meditationgroup

Zen in Germany


The Dharma activity is always working
as the Dharma activity,
and manifest one Dharma body....
                                 Joshu Sasaki, Roshi

Zengarten in MBZC

Thank you for your attendanc

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