Further Dates

Introduction day into Zen

on Sonnday, 08. February 2004,
from 9:00 pm - 20:00 pm

Ortlerstreet 71

At this day the formal bases of Zen practice are taught:
To practice thr correct type Zazen (Zenmeditation),
the behavior in the Zendo (Meditationroom),Kinhin(Meditation in going),
Reztation and formal, being silent meals.
It is the opportunity to intensivquestion and respons.

Here you get the schedule of this day.

Sharing of costs: 35,- Euro

The Meditationperiods and breaks are adapted for untrained ones.
experience one can visit this day, to deepen her one practice.

Participation by hour are also possible.

Please announces you for this date.
Thank you


Genro Seiun, Osho

The participation on one introduction day can for a Sesshin also with
Genro Seiun, Osho (Zenteacher)

Sesshins in the
Buddhist Center Scheibbs

(programm is laid out in the Zendo)

25. Dezember - 1. January 2004 

Announce and Information:
Bodhidharma Zendo Vienna


Sesshin in Germany at the
Black Forest


30. Oktober - 06. November 2004

Announce and Information for Black Forest  here:
Christine Harifi
Johannesstrasse 16, 70794 Filderstadt
Tel. :07 11- 70 54 98
from 9:00 - 10:00 pm 


Sesshin in Oslo/Norwegen


August 2004

Annouce an Information for Norway, here: 
Gordon Ko Un Geist
Christian Krohgs gate 32 B, 0186 Oslo

Tel: 99 517 999 daytime, 22 55 50 52 evenings
eMail: ggeis@online.no


japanese garten in Augsburg

Four hour of Meditation

on Saturday, 10. Jannuary
from 6 pm - 10 pm

Ortlerstreet 71

with Kinhin (meditation in going) and a break

Sharing of coasts: 10,- ECU

Bring along if possible, please:
cushion or seat and darkens, comfortable clothes

Please announce here
(one meal)

Thank you for your attendance
We look forward to you comming

The participation takes place on own reponsibility.
Psychlogical and physical health are a prerequestite.

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